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“Job for a Cowboy” stream latest release in full.

Job for a Cowboy

Job for a Cowboy

By Jonathan Bradwell.

Savagely raw Death Metal outfit “Job for a Cowboy” are streaming their latest release on the renound and well recognized “Metal Sucks” website for fans to listen too ahead of its official release.

The EP is due to hit the shelves and download sites in June this year, and it is confirmed that the EP will be titled “Gloom”.

Drummer ‘John ‘Charn’ Rice’ wrote on the bands official MySpace page that “Initially we had the idea for the EP to be a little bit slower but it turned out to be some of our fastest material to date”. To listen to the release please go to:

The full track listing for “Gloom” is as follows: “Misery Reformatory”, “Plastic Idols”, “Execution Parade” and finally “Signature of Starving Power”.

‘Jason Suecof’ has been announced as being the man answerable for the production of the EP. This producer is often identified for his work with similar devastatingly heavy band “The Black Dahlia Murder”.

The album outwardly appears more smoothed around the edges than past releases, however, it still incontestably has that signature contemporary death metal vibe the band are legendary for.

At the end of this year “Job for a Cowboy” are set to tour with headliners “Between the Buried and Me”. The line up will also see “The Ocean” and “Cephalic Carnage” tread over a number of cities including ‘Paris’, ‘London’ and ‘Amsterdam’.

(Picture courtesy of “MetalWarez”)

“Job for a Cowboy” playing their unavoidable hit “Entombment of a Machine”:


News: “Paramore” announce new song.



By Jonathan Bradwell.

Female fronted rock sensation “Paramore” have announced they will be releasing a new song into the public sphere in the exceptionally near future as it is to be featured on a shortly to be big screen hit.

The song, which is currently being named as “Monster”, will feature on the Third instalment of the Transformers trilogy, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”. The film is set to hit the silver screen on the First of July this year.

On the “Paramore” official website a member of their website crew posted that “We are very excited to announce that Paramore will have a new song on the soundtrack for Transformers: Dark of the Moon”. Fans of the band are advised to continue checking the website for added details about the song.

“Monster” will be the first song to be recorded and released since the astonishing departure of band mates and brothers ‘Zac Farro’ (Drums) and ‘Josh Farro’ (Guitars). The two of the band mates left in December 2010.

Since then over the last few months it has been said “Paramore” have been busy in the Studio working on the follow up album to their latest full length release ‘Brand New Eyes’. The new record is to be produced by ‘Rob Cavallo’.

The producer is most distinctively known for his work with “My Chemical Romance”, as well as a number of other alternative acts.

(Picture courtesy of ‘Mahiity’).

The official Music Video for “Paramore” hit song “Playing God”:


News: “Stone Sour” drummer suffers Stroke

Roy Mayorga

Roy Mayorga

By Jonathan Bradwell.

Heavy Metal merchant ‘Roy Mayorga’ of “Stone Sour” has sadly suffered a minor stroke in Des Moines after the bands headline gig there.

Subsequently the band have made the verdict to terminate the rest of their tour dates to allow for their stickman to make a full recuperation.

On “Stone Sours” MySpace blog a recent post read: “Our friend and drummer, Roy Mayorga suffered a minor stroke a couple of nights ago after our show in Des Moines”. The post also states “He’s doing great and is expected to make a 100% recovery”.

The band have recently just come off of the road from the “Avalanche Tour 2011”. This tour also saw the likes of “Theory of a Deadman” and the engagingly thundering “Halestorm”.

Stone Sour are a band from Des Moines whose newest album, “Audio Secrecy”, was released just last year. The line up consists of ‘Corey Taylor’, ‘Shawn Economaki’, ‘Jim Root’, ‘Josh Rand’, and of course, ‘Roy Mayorga’.

‘Roy Mayorga’ is a Forty One year old drummer who was also involved with both of the ‘Max Cavalera’ projects ‘Sepultura’ and ‘Soulfly’.

(Picture courtesy of ‘MurraysWorld’)

The official music video for “Stone Sour” ballad “Through Glass”:


News: “Evile” announce support acts for UK tour



By Jonathan Bradwell

British Thrash Metal merchants “Evile” announced their support acts for their impending tour of the UK yesterday.

The two acts joining the popular thrashers are “Elimination”, a Thrash Metal band who are presently signed to ‘Transcend Records’, and “Mutant”, an electronic Metal beast from none other than England’s Capital, London.

On “Evile’s” official MySpace page part of the bands ‘status and mood’ section read: “ELIMINATION and MUTANT are the main supports for the EVILE February tour”.

The tour consists of Five shows between the Ninth and Thirteenth of February in Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Nottingham and London. ‘Evile’ and ‘Mutant’ are both set to play the ‘Hammerfest’ festival during March this year too.

The West Yorkshire based band “Evile” are presently signed to “Earache Records”, through which their latest album “Infected Nations” was recorded. This album was produced by none other than ‘Rick Russell’, who has worked with Grindcore monoliths “Napalm death”.

(Picture courtesy of ‘Jeroen Dekker’)

“Evile” music video for song “Thrasher”:


News: “Paramore” receive prestigious award at this years “Peoples Choice awards”.



By Jonathan Bradwell.

Female fronted Pop Rock superstars “Paramore” were announced winners of the 2011 “Peoples Choice Award” for “Favourite Rock Band” in Los Angeles during the awards annual ceremony just last night.

They beat rigid competition from four other bands that have all had exceptionally triumphant careers that have peaked in 2010. The runners up were “Daughtry”, “Linkin Park”, “Maroon 5” and “Nickelback”.

Paramore have already put forward tactics to craft a new album. On their official blog on the bands website, ‘Jeremy Davis’(Bass), detailed that “Taylor, Hayley and myself have already started putting together ideas for our new album and cannot wait to share them with you and we’re looking forward to the new journey we are all about to begin together”. He then went on to comment that “I can reassure you that Paramore is here to stay!”

This news comes to us subsequent to a shocking track of events for the band over the past few weeks. Two of the bands founding and well identified members, brothers ‘Josh Farro’ and ‘Zac Farro’, quit the band in the last month of last year.

Paramore are set to tour between the 16th of February to the 4th of March, covering Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Columbia and Venezuela. To replace the members who have departed from the band, ‘Paramore’ have drafted in ‘Justin York’ on guitars and past Nine Inch Nails sticks-man ‘Josh Freese’ on drums for the time being.

‘Justin York’ is the brother of ‘Taylor York’, existing guitar player for “Paramore”. He has performed with the band in the past and so is no outsider to the hefty task that he faces.

(Picture courtesy of “Flickr”)

The music video for hugely acclaimed “Paramore” hit “CrushCrushCrush”:


News: “Bring me the Horizon” add a hometown date to their planned UK tour.

Bring me the Horizon

Bring me the Horizon

By Jonathan Bradwell


Modernistic fashionable Metalcore juggernaut “Bring me the Horizon” have updated their tour programme today to embrace a performance in the bands hometown of Sheffield at the ending of their journey.

Earlier this month the exceedingly appraised Metal youngsters announced a UK tour with visits to Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Nottingham, Southampton, Birmingham, Bristol and London.

On the bands ‘Twitter’ account today their post read: “New UK tour date announced Sheffield o2 academy 4th May! Tickets on sale now!”. Consequently this new show will be the very last performance of the UK tour.

Not only will fans get to witness “Bring me the Horizon” on this high profile tour, but the band are to be supported by three of the most prevalent names in the genre this year: “Parkway Drive”, “Architects”, and the cunningly named “The Devil Wears Prada”.

According to popular ticket website “” standing reservations for the shows are priced at “£15.00” for all the dates apart from the London show, where standing tickets are “£16.00”.

As well as the standard tickets, the tour also permits the purchase of a unique “Death Cult Bundle” tickets for a cost of Thirty Five pounds for all shows, apart from the London show, where these particular bundles will be priced at Thirty Six pounds.

These special tickets come with an assortment of extra special goodies (such as a sticker and a one year membership into the ‘Horizon Death Cult‘ fan club) of which are all detailed on the ticket website “”.

The bands latest album was released on the 4th of October and is titled “There is a hell, believe me I’ve seen it. There is a Heaven, Let’s keep it a Secret”.

(Picture courtesy of “Gig Wise”).

Latest video from “Bring me the Horizon”. Song title: “Anthem”:



“Dream Theater” moves on without “Mike Portnoy”

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy

By Jonathan Bradwell

Professional and well celebrated alternative drummer ‘Mike Portnoy’ has been told by his former bands lawyer that he will not be acknowledged back into the group.

The musician left ‘Dream Theater’ earlier this year after an extensive and thought out process about his relations and enjoyment in other music projects away from ‘Dream Theater’.

In relation to requesting his position as Drummer in ‘Dream Theater’ to be reinstated, ‘Mike Portnoy’ wrote on his official forum that he “figured it was still possible to try and save us because they hadn’t made any announcements yet or begun any public activity with another drummer…but sadly, they declined my offer (well, actually their lawyer did…they didn’t even tell me themselves….) Sorry gang, I honestly gave it my all”.

Guesswork amongst the Metal community has incorporated beliefs that Mike Portnoy will be joining ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ full time, who he toured with through the summer following the passing of the bands late drummer. However, a statement on the ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ blog has countered this idea.

Earlier this month, on the seventeenth of December, ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ wrote on their own blog an announcement in regards to ‘Mike Portnoy’s’ participation in the band. A section of it read:

“Over time we will find someone who helps us continue our quest to make the music we love for the fans we love. Mike and the band agree that can’t be him. Why? Long before there was an Avenged Sevenfold, there were members of this band who looked up to Mike and, in Jimmy’s case, learned a lot from watching Mike play. He is a brilliant writer, producer and of course drummer. Because of that, the world and we would always see it as Avenged Sevenfold with Mike Portnoy. We take a lot of pride in A7X being about something greater then any individuals. It’s about the music, the fans and the friends and family we have as well as continuing our best friend’s legacy”.

‘Dream Theater’ at present have announced no replacement for ‘Mike Portnoy’ publically. As yet, they stand as a four piece band.

(Picture courtesy of “Paul Gargano”)

The In-Studio music video for ‘Dream Theater’ anthem ‘The Dark Eternal Night’:



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