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Single review: ‘Silhouettes’ by ‘Avicii’.

Avicii - Silhouettes

Avicii - Silhouettes

By Jonathan Bradwell.

Over the past year the word Avicii has pinned back the ears of clubbing devotees all around the globe. Whether it is for the artist’s unrefuted ascendency through the ranks of the house scene over the last twelve months, or the famous one million dollar donation to ‘Feeding America’, the twenty two year old DJ Tim Bergling (Avicii) is something considerably different.
Sticking to the poignant formula and sound seemingly influenced by dance juggernauts The Prodigy, this individual has conceived a way to connect this approach with the mainstream, David Guetta style, pop-dance production method in his latest single ‘Silhouettes’.

From the inaugural fluttering of synthetically designed keys pirouetting the song into motion, the feeling of summer can’t help but burst into your head. Although this is all nice and sentimental, you can’t help but notice something obtrusively different other than the overtly lighter sound between ‘Silhouettes’ and the last Avicii hit ‘Levels’; yes, the vocals! In enthusing those tastefully crafted vocal sequences into the maddening bass line, ‘Avicii’ has defined a generation of those that live for the weekend, to sing along to dance anthems, and forget the taxman, ‘nine until fives’ and bills for just a night.

Although innumerable modern dance anthems dependency on an unshakable sound to stay at the top of the charts can lead to monotony after a few listens, Avicii’s divergence of electronic sounds makes this undeniably addictive. The rising fuzz perforating your ears, the punchy keyboard lead: It all gets those hips loosened.
Avicii has seemingly migrated away from the retro semblance of notorious hit ‘Street Dancer’ into a supple, mature and more heterogeneous style. There literally is so much happening that to analyse it in delicate detail would take weeks to accomplish. The one listen you may give it is not sufficient to fully deduce the work gone into this piece.

Available on the single release package alongside the radio edit is a full length version. If there is anything to be learned from listening to the original full piece is that the requirements of radio broadcasts for such abbreviated versions has somewhat tainted what is most captivating about ‘Silhouettes’ architecture; the patient and progressive build-up of the varying segments.
The song is cultivated and detailed throughout the entire seven minutes. However, this duration is not enough to conciliate our needs. It leaves us craving more, making it plausible ‘Silhouettes’ will be commemorated as one of ‘Avicii’s finest moments.

Ironically within the song lay the lyrics “it’s all about the new-found”. Avicii could not be more right. Whilst attaining mainstream success the producer persistently finds untrodden ways to whirl his sound down different avenues, keeping his name fresh and at the top of the game. ‘Silhouettes’ is a terrific anthem to prepare you for the festival season.
The only challenge affronting the young songwriter is whether he can continue to keep his sound crisp using the constant development seen between outputs. The future seems very bright. For now, enjoy it, and dance.

(Picture courtesy of ‘Beat My Day’).

‘Avicii’ performing ‘Silhouettes’ live:


Tramlines Festival:”Tek-One” @ “DQ Sheffield”: 24th July 2010



By Jonathan Bradwell

Since their sumptuous interpretation of iconic Screamo song “Sleep With One Eye Open”, the all inclusive, (in terms of the wide amount of genres subsumed), club music virtuoso’s “Tek-One” have enhanced to be an individual act beseeched by those folk that snoop in Britain’s Nightclubs after eventide. Formerly the tune was comprised by Sheffield’s home-grown talent “Bring me the Horizon” on the “Suicide Season” album. Later the band disseminated the tracks to multifarious DJ’s to mold them into dance floor prodigies. With both of these excessively incommensurable artists transpiring from Yorkshire towns, the devoutness to spectate “Tek-Ones” electro romp means a genuinely stressful one out one in policy is in appliance at the entrance to restrain overcrowding.

Once inside it becomes unmistakable why the bromidic limitations are in place tonight. The room is literally transuding as tonight’s MC establishes a steadfast chant of the group’s name. ‘Howard’ (Production) and ‘Felix’ (Percussion) take mere moments to occupy their places before shattering head on with the crowd to a rotund, overpowering Dub Step bonanza. Bestowing a live drummer into dance music has never been so remunerating: The beats are differentiated acutely by dissevering crash symbols and ravaging bass pedal outbursts. Both the percussion and the turntables are necessitated up to injuring volumes that literally schlep your body to the dance floor to be in and amongst the delirium.

The more distinguished songs get extensive reactions as this slick leviathan demonstrate a perdurable connection as the drums stay aligned with the produced sounds throughout the entirety of the set. A triumphant solid tempo remains throughout, meaning that once you start to admire it, it’s difficult to break away. This interminable pounding of musical encroachment captivated the crowd into a shoulder teetering, dancing mob. Refreshingly, but nonetheless unpredictably, the music withdraws and adds miniature breaks to the set, leaving enough time for a build up on the decks before the drums come reverberating in once again.

A moment arrives mid set that causes measureless suspense: The keyboard commencement of “Bring me the Horizon” remix “Sleep with One Eye Open”. As the prearranged drums abruptly freeze, drummer ‘Felix’ smashes down upon his set, whilst the sporadic framework of the acclaimed interpretation surges out from the speakers. The crowd turns into a riotous assemblage. One impatiently travelling Mosh Pit inundates the numerous lines of people to the front left of the stage, whilst the entire venue literally whirls, darts and quivers to the sounds of one of the most prominent  Dub Step tune released this year.

After an impassioned One and a half hours, “Tek-One” bring their coruscating set to an adjournment. DJ ‘Howard’ catapults towards the crowd, thrusting himself into the clammy air, and directly into the arms of tonight’s sweat immersed gathering. It would be unfair not to plaudit tonight’s third man on the stage, an MC disposing lyrics in catchy rhythms at a lightening quick swiftness. This man subtended the blockade between the techno artist and crowd by inspiring those present to get connected with the music. Retreating from the stage with proud smiles upon their faces, “Tek-One” efficaciously commandeered another one of Britain’s venues.

(Picture courtesy of BloodOnOutShoes)

Clips of Tek-One live in Tenby. Not the show that I attended:



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