“Twin Atlantic” live at Tramlines 2011.

Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic

By Jonathan Bradwell.

Britain, Scotland, Glasgow. The commorancy of a number of raunchy alternative rock acts tipping just into the limelight of the publics recognition with the upswing, popularity and undeviating faith in the quality of modern Scottish Rock. Just culminating above the rest of the underground acts from the Northern Borders are “Twin Atlantic”, chosen specially to headline the average sized stage at “The Leadmill” as past of the prodigious Tramlines Festival 2011. With the venue compressed to the rafters with perspiring, drunken party goers, a chiselled suspense grapples with those stuck to the beer soaked floors of the venue as ‘Twin Atlantic’ man the stage.

With a fanciful set list well fabricated and designed for Festival crowds, crowds where people in attendance may be unfamiliar with mid tracks from such bands, “Twin Atlantic” keep the evening eloquent with such songs as the highly acclaimed and eerily catchy “Lightspeed”. The implausibly powerful chorus of colliding guitar sounds and the trademark tangy vocals of ‘Sam Mctrusty’ (vocals) saturate the air sublimely, getting the crowd in the spirit for a night of power rock ballads from a seemingly uncontainable might. “Twin Atlantic” perform songs that are both of a high quality and unavoidably charming when seeing them live.

Keeping the Glasgow spirit close to his heart and mind, ‘Sam Mctrusty’ (Vocals) knows how to gratify a croud of angst badgered teenagers, as well as make those of us older in the audience beam with merriment, with his straight up and contentious banter. A painless “Who the fuck are you” is all is required to extinguish the outbursts of one festival attendee who clearly was an irritant to the bands proceedings tonight. Fighting talk aside, “Twin Atlantic” prove they have what it takes to break hearts too with an illustrious representation of their classic acoustic style song “Crash Land”.

Although their performance is as adjacent to supremacy as live music gets, it’s this very border between their recorded and live outputs that is their only impediment. The neck-breaking potentiality of their recorded material is a few notches above what’s on offer tonight. Admittedly though this is probably more a case of the high quality recording than any liability on the band themselves, and it would be discordant to try and pull them down for such a minor thing. With overwhelming musicianship from the likes of drummer ‘Craig Mckneale’ (drums), “Twin Atlantic” are inspiration for other bands climbing to eminence.

Unlike much of this decades artists, “Twin Atlantic” stand out as a band void of materialistic sentiments, obliging even those down just for some free music tonight for their patronage. ‘Sam Mctrusty’ (vocals) ties up by stating “I know some of you do not know are but just came down because it’s free, and we thank you for supporting British Rock”. Overpassing the borders between stunningly dazzling music, sportsmanlike respect, whilst keeping it convivial and exciting, this wont be the last we see of these Scottish Rockers. This was one successful Crash Land on the official opening nights of this weekend’s festival.

(Picture courtesy of “Dear Scotland”).

“Twin Atlantic” playing “Lightspeed” at the Radio One “Uniting Nations” event:


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