News: “Alice in Chains” show video premiere of “Lesson Learned”.

Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains

By Jonathan Bradwell

Grunge heroes “Alice in Chains” video premiere of the song “Lesson Learned” was launched on popular site “Yahoo! Music” today.

The track is from the latest “Alice in Chains” album titled “Black Gives Way to Blue”, which was released back in 2009.

On the official website for the band, who originate from the famously grunge orientated city of ‘Seattle’, a statement read: “Check out the video for ‘Lesson Learned’ now on Yahoo Music!”.

The video is set in a particularly deserted and undoubtedly abandoned industrial building. It then goes to show a man struggling and looking hurt, which then leads on to some other events.

Album “Black Gives Way to Blue” (and the consequent singles released) was the first time that new recruit ‘William Duvall’ appeared on an “Alice in Chains” recording.

Past member and frontman “Layne Staley” died at the age of Thirty Four years old. His drug addiction contributed to his tragic death. Three years later the band reformed with ‘William Duvall’ to work on the album mentioned above.

“Alice in Chains” have a grand total of four studio albums released. These are “Facelift”, “Dirt”, a self titled album called “Alice in Chains”, and “Black Gives Way to Blue”. Amongst their discography lays a number of EP’s and live albums.

The band are currently on tour of the United States. The tour ends in ‘Las Vegas’, at the “The Joint”, on the 16th of October.

To watch the new video go to: http://new.music.yahoo.com/videos/premieres/ (Video on at the time of publishing)

Picture courtesy of “Pop Star Plus”.

“Alice in Chains” performing “Your Decision” live. Not the video premiere of “Lesson Learned”:


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