Tramlines Festival: The “Gallows” @ “The New Music Stage”: 25th of July 2010.

The Gallows

The Gallows

By Jonathan Bradwell

Dogmatic Punk output the “Gallows” have a titanic task to initiate on this hawkish Sunday evening: They are to Headline a stage at Sheffield’s “Tramlines Festival” speedily after the massively treasured home town band “Rolo Tomassi”. The group also face a commodious genre gap, as a bridge between Rolo Tomassi’s ‘Mathcore’ and the ‘Hardcore Punk’ sounds of “Gallows” can surely not be competently fabricated. However, this reckless and determined Southern assemblage contiguously console their right to be here by the way ‘Frank Carter’ (vocals) and his mates parade onstage to face the ever heightening numbers of fans expecting to be gratified.

Hype has sequentially built up about the “Gallows”, with landmark music video for the song “In the Belly of a Shark” expressing the barbarity of their under roof shows. Don’t be misconstrued, this dynamism is not obligated to these venues, as the songs like “London is the Reason”, changed to “Sheffield is the Reason”, cascade out tonight, animating a lawless shoving  game that would be fitting at one of those impeding Punk venues. However, this is on a preponderant proportion. A vivacious rhythm remains through all the material, during which all of the members assuredly look as if they are luxuriating in tonight as much as the crowd are.

Only one singular encumbrance oppresses this Juggernaut, the substandard level of sound being bequeathed from ‘Frank Carters’ (Vocals) microphone. Luckily, the vocals can still be demarcated due to the vocalist’s sheer efficiency and dynamism, and the interposing, perilously fuelled attitude on stage means it matters little anyway. As “Gallows” exhibit tracks from astutely titled “Grey Britain”, the distortion loaded guitars freight the sound far and broad, cajoling even those who stuck around after “Rolo Tomassi’s” set to demonstrate anti-establishment sneer across their faces. As glass bottles increasingly jostle through the air, this event turns into a historical moment as their hedonism is splashed over the City Hall.

This working class power house is not demure at networking with their crowd: ‘Frank Carter’ (Vocals) elucidated that if the band are “Respected”, then “We will respect you”. With cheers of validation after every tune, respect is something the “Gallows” are not impoverished of. Each time ‘Stephen Carter’ and ‘Laurent Barnard’ (Guitars) drop one of their fast paced riffs, the crowd swirls around in a myriad of impetuosity whilst bellowing every word right back at the kinetic, raw frontman. Favourite “Abandon Ship” sounds fresh and defacing, as if the band had have never played it before and were dying for the opportunity.

Conquering a sound difficulty, frazzling any thoughts of not fitting into the genre fissure, and the overpowering comportment of “Frank Carter” (Vocals) makes the “Gallows” one of the most requited acts at Sheffield’s ‘Tramlines Festival’. As their set comes to a windup, fans continue to clatter until the very last note, whilst the band, in their take no captives style, tear through the last of their material. Chaperoning the festival to an end in such a lionized way, it’s fair to say the “Gallows” will be accepted back to this city any time they yearn too. Until next time, we say adieu to the festival, and walk away feeling quenched.

(Picture courtesy of Pics Digger)

The “Gallows” playing the song “Rolling with the Punches” live. Not from the gig I attended:


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