“The Superimposers” – “The Beach”

The Superimposers

The Superimposers

By Jonathan Bradwell

Five years have surpassed since the inception of “The Superimposers”, a band that were constructed after a meeting between Dan Solo and Miles Copeland in a joke shop. Proceeding into the latter half of 2010, this year brings a newborn single from the three piece, which includes proficient musician Shawn Lee. “The Beach” is a complacent song immersed in perspicuous and svelte melodies. Electronic sounding, keyboard esque sound bites tumble around the unreserved and jumpy bass line, whilst the voices that lay over the music contrive a fluffy troposphere before the lyrics are even perceived. This monolithic sound has a profoundly blandishing effect.

An instrumental version underscores how the resolute structure of the song is circumducted by disjoined and unpredictable sectors of sound. The result is an easy listening ballad that reposes the mind, making it almost irresistible to give a second play. The instrumental sounds are delicately sentimental, but with some methodical drumming, the tune still reaps propulsion as it proceeds; building up to the last chorus that uses the same licks to end the song as those that were the incentives to why you become predisposed in the first place. Also, let’s not fail to indicate the unforgettable Ska quality to the chorus.

For those not endorsers of soft ruminative music, it might still bear potential to grow on you. There is something really multifarious about the way the production of this release allows the doughy tones of this song to coalesce so fittingly with the raucous ones. Although somewhat less spicy than the band “The Shockwave Set” in terms of the rapidity of the music, “The Superimposers” sound as if they have focused all their aspiration here to comprise this sound that is so comprehensive, so full, that you would never suspect it was a group of just three musicians. This is a summer song through and through.

(Picture courtesy of Colette)

Video for the single “The Beach” by “The Superimposers”…


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