“The Good Natured” – “Your Body is a Machine”

The Good Natured

The Good Natured

By Jonathan Bradwell.

Musicians that bespeak requisitions of Electronic Music not having the bountiful lyrical potentiality of rock specific alternative music, have seemingly never cogitated about the enslaving and lustrous single “Your body is a Machine”, from the Newbury electro inescapable “The Good Natured”. Eighteen year old Sarah McIntosh compiles lonesome but mellifluous pop melodies and lyrics with that full band ambience that only materializes in the utmost of adroit electronic music. Near the songs constraining end, approximately two minutes from the beginning, a serene keyboard laden sector glides in, ensnaring us into this modern art with supervision from a reanimating but unconventional twin drum beat.

Professional interposing, in the form of producing the delightful, Laroux style princess of electro, comes the illustrious operatives who not long back worked with stylistic experimental leviathans ‘Delphic’. Envisioning a more indistinct manner than either of these two aforementioned artists, decussated with the less experiential formulas in Pendulums latest material creates the closest picture possible without hearing the single for yourself. “Your Body is a Machine” is a yet unveiled closet ballad that deserves to be surmounting the charts already, due to the tremendous way it gravitates into the same category as other masterpieces capable of maintaining energy on the dance floor into the early hours. It’s a hand’s up, punctilious piece of electro pop.

Truth beholds that nothing prevails past a basic mishmash on the ‘Baby Monster’ Remix, it is still well worth a listen. However, the electrifications come on the second and third remix’s dispatched onto the single. ‘Aspirins for my Children’ reconstruct the song into an obtusely bass laden onslaught of manufactured mortar fire, and the equally pervading ‘RadioProof’ remix is one of those limited club songs that lets lose a desolating impact, complete with melodious build ups, without interdependency on the effortless and disguised use of drums. Throughout, this is definitely for fans of the creations of more subjugated artists such as DeadMau5, and also for anyone else that has a passion for heart-warming, mercurial and mettlesome music.

(Picture Courtesy of AltSounds)

Video of “The Good Natured” doing an acoustic performance of “Your Body is a Machine” on the 5:19 show…


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