“The Suzukis” – “Reasons for Leaving”

Reasons for Leaving

Reasons for Leaving

By Jonathan Bradwell

Alternative bands protuberating with just one guitar possess the perspective of being audibly immotile. They rebound an exigency of one of the preponderant essentials of Rock n Roll, that outspoken insubordinate combativeness. However, once in a stretch, a band ruptures this reprehension, and this year, ‘The Suzukis’ are prestigiously that band. “Reasons for Leaving” is an angst nourished mosh pit indoctrinating three and a half minutes that has the infatuation and innards that only bands much puerile, and therefore stereotypically less despairing, tend to simulate. Cajoling us in with two deceivingly lackadaisical chords is one of the most impelling songs so far in 2010.

Adam Bamford (Guitars) strums like his universe would discontinue if he put in any less feeling. Self admittedly instigated by the quotidian travailing of deadlocked jobs, the song is impavid for those times in life when the long term aspiration is ensconced by the short term quandaries. “The Suzukis” agape this song in innervated intensification that leaves you feeling pulverized. Unlike traditionalistic species of rock bands, “The Suzukis” don’t threat to oversee business differently. Where a solo is presupposed, an obstreperous bridge undulates onto the battleground, and back up vocals are unplanted, to present lead vocalist Chris Veasey room to articulate.

“Reasons for leaving” ironically leaves no rationalizations for not revisiting this sonata. Denouements don’t externalize more meticulously quadrate than this: Crash symbols palpitate, riffs recapitulate in your skull, and then in an intense manner we are left eyeballing the two transcendental chords that instigated the song. Wigan should be proud to receive home these legends when this year’s gig schedule concludes. If “The Suzukis” remain muzzled to their roots, and imbue a weensy bit more yearning into their next release, we may be staring at one of next summer’s festival top slot emulators. Oh, and the bands artwork is damn preeminent too!

(Picture Courtesy of RedHotVelvet)

Video of the single:


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