“Professor Green feat. Lily Allen” – “Just be good to Green”

Professor Green feat. Lily Allen

Just be good to Green

By Jonathan Bradwell

Featuring on Radio Ones ‘A’ list, the spearheading coadunation between East London rapper ‘Professor Green’ and passionate household personality ‘Lily Allen’ is inventing sparks across the club scene. The lyrics to the cover of “Just be good to me”, reinvented “Just be good to green”, originally by “The SOS band”, are on the apogee of the tongues of dance aficionado’s. The earthy hit single has been replenished into a pertinacious, lambasting, techno coerced hip hop nonpareil. With Lilly Allen out bursting all of her charisma on the chorus, Professor Green uses the beat to manipulate his cheeky but effusive lyrical incursion.

It’s been six years since Professor Green extravasated with his “The Green EP”, in which profuse amounts perusing this will perhaps not swimmingly extract. Released on Virgin records, single “Just be Good to Green”, has that concomitant rap animus and novelty that is sewn throughout similar artists such as ‘Tinchy Strider’ and ‘Tinie Tempah’. A singular surface of earnestly imperious synthetic structure is cleverly placed above less obvious notations, such as the insane bubble noise: These add to the gratifying atmosphere Green seems to be totally brilliant at carrying with his definitive accent entwined voice.

Unsurprisingly, the producer Semothy Jones has worked with artists such as ‘Little Boots’, of which Professor Green and Lily Allen have siphoned that durable, hard hitting cross over between shattering trance and magniloquent pop. The instrumental version exhibits the almost ska rhythm to this electronic track, which is incontrovertibly going to be the pivotal protagonist in what will transmogrify this radio friendly jingle into an Ibiza seashore party pleasantry. Even though the song itself is halcyon still in terms of any in track progressions, it is patently one of the more pronounced modern hip hop renditions of an old abandoned classic for a long time.

(Picture courtesy of Digital Spy)

Music video for the track “Just be good to Green”…


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