“Devil sold his Soul” – “Blessed and Cursed”

Blessed and Cursed

Blessed and Cursed

By Jonathan Bradwell

“It’s a massive leap from the last album, it’s a much better record, more variety, more engaging”. These contemplations were disclosed by the six members of South England’s “Devil sold his Soul” on their MySpace, just a constricted few weeks prior to the release of their cordially assumed Progressive Screamo reaping “Blessed and Cursed”. Everything in the aphorism was stringent, but by no means does that make this album taintless and indefectible. Where subdivisions are inestimable and fixating, others are reclining and meagre, and where some songs have preternatural farrago and vicissitude, others lack authentic thought outside the progenerating grounds of Progressive agglomerations.

All the egresses of “Blessed and Cursed” are dichotomized within the first four minutes of entertainment. A synthetic drum nourished invitation is disturbed by irrepressible bass lines, condoling and streamline guitar movements, and both pleadingly raspy vocals and dapper highly strung choruses. The disgruntling paucity of breakdowns, which is distrustfully curbed for any modern Screamo formulation, is specious right from dispatch with opener “Tides”. Despite the one directional gush, the synthesizer and sample effects work rewardingly pleasantly with the ample au fait melodies from singer “Ed”, whose finesse stands alone as the most hypnotizing part of “Blessed and Cursed”.

Contrastively, the laconic songs are the ones that visually have deficient effect on the listener. After all, it is quite clear “Devil sold his Soul” prefer to manufacture some tautness on the heart strings. So the longer songs, with more breadth to engage parts and embellish bridges, the most enchanting, and “An Ocean of Lights” rebuttals this apothegm. The outro is startling… When the vocals have implemented there contract, the guitars (Rick and Jonny), imitate the melody. Sounds feasible, but the repercussion is quite implausible. This song is six minutes of music that you never desire to resolve.

Cadence is oftentimes a lavish substance, but when tracks start to exude and weld into one essence of verging wailing, it can become laborious. Helpfully for “Devil sold his Soul”, the lyrical threshold and headways in comparison with the instruments often are a portraying aspect. “Callous Heart”, the single released off “Blessed and Cursed”, encloses so much barbarity and irascibility that it is instantaneously recognisable when Ed snarls “And now you see, you’re so fucking Callous”. These definitive segments can only be scored out after numerous respective listens, and so for the first timer, the produce can seem a bit indelicate.

Just as “The weight of faith” objectifies the evaporation up of fresh ideas, closing song “Truth has come” towers in with inseparableness, and the lull and kickoff riffing technique is indescribably reminiscent of “As I lay Dying”. Although the background vocals are very much inaudible, the consolidating closure of cry’s, idiosyncratic percussion and intensate string sounds echo’s around like a meritorious soundtrack to a blockbuster picture. In an age where bands indecently stick to one procedure to desist losing exaltation, “Devil sold his Soul” take that saltation into unexplainable voids, and they should at least be credited for that.

(Picture courtesy of Clink Music Magazine)

Promotional video for “Callous Heart”, song from the album “Blessed and Cursed”


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