“Plug Factory, 10Take, Embassy and Broken Weekends” – “Live at the Boardwalk 29/05/2010”

Local band Night

Plug Factory

By Jonathan Bradwell.

Although undoubtedly the most humble band of the evening, ‘Broken Weekends’ made the most of the substantially short set time designated to them. Playing when half of the crowd were still stumbling through the doors and into the dark is no effortless calling for any level of band: However they snatched the audience’s attention just a mere two songs in. Sam Holden (Vocals) pounded the attendees with an overtly ‘Libertines’ esque approach to indie rock singing, which matched harmoniously with the punchy and slick beats, riffs and licks. Surely nervous at the start, ‘Broken Weekends’ erupted out of their shyness as the set went on, earning a copious round of applause as they left the stage agonizingly early.

With only three members to the body, ‘Embassy’ brought a piece of stadium rock to the Boardwalk tonight. Although the method is profoundly castigated, taking a genre and not alternating anything about it can be a dignified method if done effectively: Especially if the band is as well practised as this. With a prevalent combination of broken chords and a frontman with a soft (but confident) and pacifying voice, it was no surprise to hear a rendition of the ‘Oasis’ super hit “Live Forever” attached to the end of their set list. Throughout the show the material from their demo “When what you see is wrong” sounded crisp, approachable and merry. Faced with so many people in such a small venue and being outnumbered by more Indie Rock performances, ‘Embassy’ seemed surprisingly muscular, making them stand out from others on the bill this evening.

‘10Take’ are undoubtedly a band that could shift somewhere further than where they are, so I found it ashame that the sound mix meant for the most part distinguishing the amorous and speculative lyrics was rather demanding. On a more positive note they took the night’s mood back to where it began, importing the Indie feel back in full flow. Songs such as ‘Lies and Deceit’ had both rhythmic stagnant slow sections and the more thrash style parts, which were warmly embraced by dancing throughout the crowd. Cal Ward (Guitars) dispensed endless memorable lead breaks; really adding to the overall heartfelt and earnest feel of the group. The majority of bands like playing live, but with this quartet’s energy, you could really tell they cherish the moment when playing to venues as awash with people as this.  

Concluding the night after the cracking set by ‘10Take’ was never going to be simple, but ‘Plug Factory’ did a dazzling job of keeping up with the pace and brandishing why they have been able to attain a headline show at Sheffield’s 02 academy in September. ‘Plug Factory’ glorified us tonight with harmonized vocals, keen drumming and fluently arranged sound Panorama’s. Although a group of the songs were orientated around a similar tempo, making them slightly monotonous at times, their sheer confidence kept the act enthralling. Catapulting a slightly rock and roll approach into an indie backdrop may not have worked following the previous acts tonight, but the talent in ‘Plug Factory’ is quite astonishing, allowing them a little bit of leighway when addressing genres.

(Picture courtesy of Plug Factory)


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