“Bullet for my Valentine” – “Fever”

Bullet for my Valentine


By Jonathan Bradwell.

In alternative music, there is a Stigma allocated to album number three. It goes like this: Album One, scintillating; Album Two: cataclysm. However, when compassionate enough to have the break to present a third release, things gets consequential, as it makes or breaks your band. Luckily, and these four Welsh Metal visionaries deserve it more than others who beat them to a state of prominence, ‘Bullet for my Valentines’ fruitful release “Fever” has plenty of vindications to purchase, love and cherish it. Opening tracks “Your betrayal” and “Fever”, with there indubitable heavy and heartless feel, are a foreboding alone thing’s really have fluctuated to a shiny new level.

Where BFMV’s riffs in the past seemed scourged with states of melancholy, a new distinct manner has been added to the ingredients. Now the group live up to there thrash responsibilities with a dram of unadulterated intensity. “Pleasure and Pain” may have a pretty predictable poppy chorus, but the drum and guitar exertion is striking. The muscular guitars sound as if their producer Don Gilmore took the riffs, forced them into a box, penetrated them with barbed objects, and then authorized them to caper out of your speakers. ‘BFMV’ are committing more to the melodies of their instruments, than they are relying on Matt Tuck.

Gossip from mainstream music media constitutions elucidated that on this album Mat Tuck had dispensed the platitudinous, overdone and un-motivating vocal line that his honour is encumbered with. Although I have to detectably agree I can see there angle, after all, it is kind of divergent, Mr. Tuck has not escaped far enough. Melodies emanated from his vocal chords still frequently relay that humdrum, monotonous sound, which is distinct on “Pretty on the outside”. Despite this, the lyrics themselves are more candid and compellingly repugnant than in all previous releases: “Cause your heart is made of stone, you can die and rot alone”.

As standard, ‘Bullet for my Valentine’ has cast in a few sporadic tunes doing what many see as cavorting their strongest card: Keeping it fluffy, momentous and down right stripped back. “Bittersweet Memories” is a pulchritudinous song about something any assemblage can ascribe too. This problem is emotional disruption. Where as this topic on “Scream Aim Fire” implied much more self loathing, this an enraged frenzy through the perceptions a human tolerates during such tormenting times. If ‘Bullet for my Valentine’ ever release these songs acoustically, they will make for a distressing listen. You can trust me on this one!

To sum “Fever” up in three words, I would select: “dulcet”, “punchy” and “potential”. The songs on their have a melody that compels you into the depths, and each song has a breakdown or sector that is clearly there to make you put your head into motion. Although this album would be a truly cracking listen live, you are left with the feeling the band have a tiny bit more to offer. This is seldom a bad thing though. With a smile on my face after listening through the album, I await album Number Four. And I await it with colossal expectations.

(Picture courtesy of dietrichfall)


1 Response to ““Bullet for my Valentine” – “Fever””

  1. June 8, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Good Review pal. Have to agree that Bullet For My Valentine have managed to break the third album stigma very successfully and have some sweet songs. Very punchy band, got to love how minimalist things can get compared to bands like Muse that use copious amounts of samples and syth’ effects.

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