‘Lamb of God’, ‘Job for a Cowboy’, ‘August Burns Red’ and ‘Between the Buried and Me’ @ Glasgow Barrowlands: 15th February 2010

By Jonathan Bradwell

Due to the prodigious demand for the bands with the prime positions on this list, the queue subsequently meant multitudes of supporters, including me; missed Between the Buried and Me. Hailing from North Carolina this Metal band are scrapping to be known in this abhorrent scene where very few prevail.

Once indoors and up the stairs into the mature auditorium of the Barrowlands, this cutting Glasgow nightfall begins to warm. Crowd pleasers “August Burns Red” shuffle insolently to the limelight, taking Metal Core riff by riff and cracking your ear drums with it. What many would envisage as the band least coherent on tonight’s bill, they actually remit their breakdowns to a well receiving audience. There marginally more rhythmical and sensitive approach to tonight’s theme seems to be proving a delicacy, as songs from both the former and current albums are slashed through with no technical difficulties to burden this juggernaut.

Job for a Cowboy is a band fabricated to subsist in sidoric, space restricted and terrifyingly dangerous venues. Speculation was high as to how playing a venue of this size would induce the execution of their performance. Nonetheless, on stage disarray was marginally more inhibited compared to previous tours, but musically they dictated the night. Despite having the ever dark release of “Ruination” under their belt, JFAC never dismiss what once was. With a judicious execution of even their initial material such as “Knee Deep”, the congregation seem happy to approve the band in exploring into unfamiliar musical pastures; touching on songs they will have had little experience playing live. Despite the select few who could not administer the erect annihilation, and ignorantly heckled the band, JFAC came and conquered all those in the tides. Both the impossibly high and mightily low range of vocals on display from Jonny Davy entrap those in the venue, leaving only a narrow piece of ones mind to actually take note of what the remaining four members are executing.

“Were Lamb of god from Richmond Motherfucking Virginia” are the words cast so recklessly from Randy Blythe, a front man who loves to keep Metal the way it always has been: Heavy. A sea of T-shirts depicting dwindling angels and other LOG artwork jolts towards the front of the venue, as the band severe your ears from your cranium with set opener “Hourglass”. Progressing hastily through a back catalogue as gracious as the live performance itself, everyone is gratified to see tonight’s main attraction. Songs from “Wrath” are depicted with an astonishing tightness. Mid set, every band member takes a well justified break, whilst Mark Morton and Willie Adler (Guitars) play an interlude that, in light of what has already past, sounds quite romantic. Ambiguous none the less, the croud lap it up with cries and roars! As with all LOG shows epilogues, the drum kicks for “Black label”. Blythe screams, “If you have never seen us before, get the fuck off the dance floor, shit gets real messy”. If you were their, you will know exactly what I mean!

(Picture courtesy of FrantikMag)


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